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# Fantaken #뉴마 #Nyuma for Fashion King Korea Season 2

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헐 섹시해윱! 

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Yubin’s Chu~~♡
I guess we can see Yubin crying for tonight’s episode? 
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When the interviewer found out that Park Min Woo & Yubin are of the same age (they were both born in 1988), the interviewer asked Park Min Woo whether or not we can expect a love-line between Lee Joo Young & Bong Sun Dong in The Virus. 

Park Min Woo then revealed that when he first received the script, he personally told the Director "It would be fun if I have a little love-line with Yubin (in the drama). What if it we go with the feeling that I (my character) like Yubin?"  The Director said "I like it" but in the end it became different. (Yubin’s character liked Uhm Ki Joon’s character instead).

lol maybe Uhm Ki Joon requested the same thing to the Director! hahaha… but seriously i want Yubin + Park Min Woo + Lee Ki Woo please!

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Disclaimer: Sorry if i translate it wrongly…do feel free to correct me!

(Source: tvreport.co.kr)

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[Stream] The Virus Episode 1 Eng Sub

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The Virus was No.4 in Naver’s top searched keyword on 2nd March 2013, 1:20PM KST.