Yoobin + Tiger JK backstage
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Yoobin + Tiger JK + Bizzy (rehearsal for SBS’ You & I)

[info] You&I will broadcast tonight.(Sunday->Monday midnight. 12:am but It’s KST) we can see our Yubin’ rapping tonight XD

Cr: Twitter - @mingsun89 (Ashley Ming - Kwonderful)

Tonight’s episode will feature 2PM’s Wooyoung and Tiger JK, Bizzy & Wonder Girls’ Yoobin’s special collab. 

How to watch SBS live?

Well, there are many ways, but I tried this last night, and I found this site’s process to be the easiest. Just register for an account (ionair) here, and sign in. After that, scroll down to see OnAir section, select SBS. It will be aired 12a.m. KST (or a little later, I’m not sure), so make sure you get the convert it according to your country’s time. 

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